At SureSave we offer something travellers need more than ever before: World Assistance.

We understand travel and the risks inside out. We provide safety assistance and insurance to cover travellers before, during and after their travels.

We live and breathe travel.
Our people are passionate about travel. It is what sets us apart and motivates us to deliver our promise to our travellers.

We want you to learn through us.
Our business is built around insight and a deep understanding of travel safety and insurance. We have a wealth of knowledge on how to travel safe. We share our knowledge with our travellers.

We keep you informed and covered.
As expert travellers we know what you need to know. We inform you - before, during and after you travel. We help you navigate the risk.  We keep you out of trouble and we are there when things go wrong.

We strive to be honest and genuine.
We believe that mutual respect brings rewards and we promote open, honest conversations at all times. We say what we mean and people can trust what we say.